zzzznoisypeopletitle (posted 01/25/07)

  improvising a musical life

Website for the film, with quicktime/avi trailer, is at www.noisypeople.com.

Frame Grabs

toychestra_fred_woohoo (posted 01/25/07)   Toychestra, Fred Frith
td_Smiley (posted 01/25/07)   Tom Dill
td_BackwardsBlow (posted 01/25/07)
pg_hating (posted 01/25/07)   Phillip Greenlief
pg_alley (posted 01/25/07)
ls_wiryhand (posted 01/25/07)   Laetitia Sonami
laetitiaTibet (posted 01/25/07)
laetitiaBag (posted 01/25/07)
ka_snooze (posted 01/25/07)   
ka_WhateverInCar (posted 01/25/07)   Kenneth Atchley
gr_conduct_banjoboys (posted 01/25/07)   Gino Robair
gg_silentHiNote (posted 01/25/07)   Greg Goodman
gg_sayImAnArtist (posted 01/25/07)
gc_lowangle_bowing (posted 01/25/07)   George Cremaschi
ds_withJosh (posted 01/25/07)   Josh Allen, Damon Smith
ds_pornorch (posted 01/25/07)
ds_glamour_pose (posted 01/25/07)
ds_bike (posted 01/25/07)
dp_misha_paulmaccartney (posted 01/25/07)   Dan and Misha Plonsey
dp_crazyviolin (posted 01/25/07)   Dan Plonsey
dp_cleveland_score (posted 01/25/07)   Cleveland Plonsey and his score
cl_tim (posted 01/25/07)   Cheryl Leonard, Tim Perkis
cl_TimBlueBowingOnstage (posted 01/25/07)   Patty Liu, Tim Blue of Cheryl Leonard's ensemble
cl-like-a-kid (posted 01/25/07)   Cheryl Leonard
braxton_rosenberg_who (posted 01/25/07)   Scott Rosenberg, Greg Kelley, Anthony Braxton
blips (posted 01/25/07)   Laetitia Sonami
banjoboys (posted 01/25/07)   John Shiurba, Tom Duff, Myles Boisen
aurorasm (posted 01/25/07)   Aurora Josephson
Dina (posted 01/25/07)   Dina Emerson