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What people are saying about Noisy People:

Made by an insider in this scene of outsiders, Noisy People beautifully captures one of the most vibrant and unusual music communities in America. Through his series of affectionate portraits, Tim Perkis illuminates the glimmers and glitches of true invention. This film belongs in the canon of brilliant movies about artistic innovation. Funny, profound, and deeply inspiring!
            -- Beth Lisick, author of Everybody Into the Pool and Helping Me Help Myself

Noisy People, as well as being the “love letter to the Bay Area music community” that Tim Perkis envisioned, is an uplifting tribute to musicians and sound artists everywhere who are intently exploring the edges of sonic reality.
            -- Henry Kuntz,

More than any art-related film I've seen in recent years, Noisy People captures the grit and the passion of the creative and musical existence.... The result is a film that is alternately humorous and poignant, sharing with the audience the heart, the motivation and the inherent beauty of making sound for sound's sake.... Noisy People portrays each artist with a measure of humor, but also with a respectful seriousness about the craft.... It's a flash back (or forward) to a social ethic and consciousness with a refreshing vision of art as life.
            -- Ingrid Taylar,

[A] vivid portrayal of the San Francisco Bay Area's improvised music scene. The movie delivers its message through interviews, concert performances, revealing footage of the musicians' living spaces and backyards and evocative shots of less-than-fashionable Bay Area neighborhoods…. The appearances of certain high-profile musicians, including saxophonist Anthony Braxton and guitarist Fred Frith, indicate how the local improv scene's borders blur both geographically and artistically…. The Bay Area improv scene may be a serially homeless and occasionally ephemeral entity, but thanks to Perkis, it now has a good, permanent, slice-of-life document of its quirky creativity…. Noisy People nails a niche that, as Down Beat used to say, deserves wider attention.
            --Derk Richardson, SF Gate      read full article

What a trip! ...a curiously refreshing musical tour through one of the East Bay's least understood (but hella deep) pools of creativity.
            -- Kelly Vance, East Bay Express, Oakland

It's hard to find a more daring and tenacious experimental music scene than the one emanating from the Bay Area. Nowhere, not even New York, are the musicians, composers, and technologists more committed to confounding our expectations…. From Phillip Greenlief's challenge to encounter composition differently, to Cheryl Leonard's search for sounds in nature; from Dan Plonsey's desire to find the musical not in every sound, but in every person, to Gino Robair's instruction to “play nothing, but intensely”: these artists are in a constant state of revelation, coaxing supple sounds from an expanded sense of the sensorium....
            -- Steve Seid,
Pacific Film Archive